From Evolve MMA, TATAME.COM reports on Brodinho's performance at AOW.

Leader of Evolve team, Gordo Jiu-Jitsu’s branch in Singapore, Leandro Issa won one more on MMA. To get his fifth victory on the rings, the teacher submitted the Korean Choi Yeong Gwang, in the end of November. “I went to see his fight on Art o War and submitted with 1min27s”, Gordo said, very proud. “He took him down, but the Guy stood up again. Then he took him down again, passed the guard, hit a little and got in the triangle”, celebrates.

Beginning with Art of War 15, all bouts conducted by the Art of War Fighting Championship will be judged according to a new set of criteria as sanctioned by the China General Administration of Sport and the Beijing Sports Commission.
Under the new judging criteria, there will be a total of (3) three judges at ringside to observe each bout.If the bout goes to its full time limit, the outcome will be decided by the judges.Each judge will select a winner, or declare the bout a DRAW, based on the following criteria, in descending order of priority:

CATEGORY 1 - Effort to finish the fight by KO or submission
CATEGORY 2 - Damage to your opponent
CATEGORY 3 - Ring control

Each judge will determine the outcome of the bout based on the above criteria in descending order of priority.Thus, if a fighter is found to have won in Category 1, he will be named the winner of the bout.If the judge views Category 1 as being equal between the 2 fighters, then he will look to see which fighter won Category 2, and so on...If the judge determines that both fighters are scored evenly in all 3 categories, it is within his discretion to rule the bout a DRAW.


Sinclair said...

Looks like an interesting way to keep the fights exciting, without pissing off the crowds who don't want to see draws

Anonymous said...

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