Thanks to Todd and Paul for alerting me to this one and providing the vids. I sware, this has got to be the longest belt-whipping I've seen. Great to see things growing in Korea with a handful of brown-belts coming up under John Frankl. -Luke

Brown Belts:

  • Myung-Hoon Choi.  He is the chief instructor at the flagship school of John Frankl Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (JFBJJ) located in Apgujung. (http://cafe.daum.net/jfbjj)
  • Ji-young Kim.  He teaches at a JFBJJ-affiliate in another part of Seoul, Korea. (http://cafe.daum.net/ratelbjj)
  • Duk-young Jang. He is a professional MMA fighter and teaches at his own JFBJJ-affiliate in another part of Seoul.  He will be moving the location of his school to a different part of Seoul, next week. (http://cafe.daum.net/TBJJ)

We celebrated the 10th anniversary of BJJ in Korea this year. I have so far only promoted one black belt--he was my first student here, and has stuck with it the whole time. But I am also happy to now have 5 brown belts--2 of whom are getting pretty close. 

-John Frankl (taken from MMA UG)

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Ben W. said...


Congrats to the academy and everyone that got promoted...

First time I have seen the gauntlet while crawling!!