Here's an update from our friends competing in Japan!

PICS FROM: Kita Kei & BRAZIL BLOG by Kinya Hashimoto

Brown Belt:
Dimitris Tsitos (Won weight div)
Dimtrios is a Draculinho brown-belt and has been teaching in Bangkok at EMAC for the past several months. He will continue teach/train from Thailand
Ogasawara Makoto (Won weigh div)
Makoto is based in Taiwan, teaching and training at Taiwan BJJ. Was voted 'most technical fighter' in the gi at the 2009 Thailand Open

Ralph go (Won Absolute)
Ralph represents Team VPF from Philippines, showing a dominant competition record both locally and internationally. Ralph recently accompanied the Mendes brothers as their translator for the seminars in Guam and Philippines.


Mike Fowler (Won weigh div, meio pessado)
Mike returns to Japan but brings with him the Guam Purebred Team. One of the leading American black-belts.

Purple Belt :
Lee Sang Su (Trust JJ) Won Purple Galo, represented BJJ Asia, haha
Lee made a big impression on the crowd at the at the last Copa De Hong Kong and I'm sure we'll see more of him soon. Thanks for representing BJJ-ASIA!


Kowloon BJJ said...

Awesome, awesome job guys. And big props to all those that competed.

Kowloon BJJ Hong Kong

Gully said...

Ralph mentioned that another VPF member, Carlo Pena, won his bluebelt weight division. Carlo's been active in all the top SEA and international (japan, brazil, US) tournaments

Anonymous said...

Did Dimitri or Makoto do the abosolute?

Carlo said...

mray, yes they both did absolute. makoto beat dimitri. makoto lost in semis. ralph beat the one who beat makoto in the finals.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it was a great tournament.