Not sure how proud I am of being a gi-geek but wanted to let the SEABJJ community know that the latest batch (#6) of Shoyoroll gis is on pre-sale at Budovideos.com. Around this time last year we interviewed Vince 'Bear' Quitugua with the release of his instructional DVD 'The lost techniques of the halfguard'. Vince is the mastermind behind Shoyoroll products and the design-evolution of SYR Kimonos. Check'em out and support genuine/original brands like SYR. -Luke

Be sure to check out their updated site: WWW.SHOYOROLL.COM

Shoyoroll Superlite White Ripstock BJJ Kimono Batch #6



Vince Choo said...

I pre-ordered one from Vince already. The blue with orange trim.

LUKE said...

Pre-ordered mine as well.

Anonymous said...

are you serious about the ipod pocket?
but those pants look like they can take a beating. from all the gi's that i own, its always the pants that rip first. does anyone have similar experiences with gi ripping and falling apart?

hoin from hk

PermaSmile said...

This is the Excalibur/Hindenburg/Ferrari of all gi's, too bad only 300 are being made.

Anonymous said...

Is Vince's half - filipino, he really looks like one

Anonymous said...


I know your pain, my last Keiko pants ripped on me in 5 different places. Had them patched up twice buy nor they are resting in peace.


Anonymous said...

That Shoyoroll gi is sick. I have one of the newer ones, they are awesome.