Found this image of Gina Carano while surfing the list of blogs I've got bookmarked and it got me thinking about the article I still hope to write one day on women in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I think this image says a lot about how marketing plays a huge part in the cross over of MMA to the mass and especially with women in MMA. Obviously we won't be seeing any promo pictures of a naked George St. Pierre covering his goods while posing for a 'superman-punch' any time soon.

Does an image like this on the cover of ESPN speak to the community of women in MMA and martial arts as a whole?

Also, Gina Carano lost to Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos. I wish nothing but sucess for Gina but think there are some issues to be dealt with on the media end of things.



Anonymous said...

There are some honesty issues as well. That photo looks heavily 'shopped. I don't think Gina Carano has been that lean in ages.

LUKE said...

That's the most cut I've seen her in any photo, in and out of the cage.

Joel said...
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