Just wanted to put it out there that our good friends at Jiu-Jitsu Spirits has now released their 6th edition! This the same mag that many of you winners at the FBT Thailand BJJ/Grappling Open received. Seriously a great magazine even if you can't read Japanese. The DVD and instructionals are great. Check out the details below. -Luke
Brazilian Jiujitsu Magazine "Jiujitsu Spirit vol. 6" is out on 23rd, Oct, 09!!!

1. Alliance - The team champ of Mundial 2009/Fabio's long interview
2. Techniques - Submissions from Mount Position by Lloyd Irvin's famous 3 students.
3. Rafael Mendes / New jiujitsu renovator
4. Rubens Charles / What I learned from TT Jiujitsu
5. Mikeal Langui / What Terere taught me
6. Andre Galvao / New beginning (After learning BJJ for 21 years)
7. Robson Moura / Relio Gracie taught me closed guard
8. Relson Gracie / How to make your academy successful
9. Lloyd Irvin / Interview and techniques with JT
10. Fabio Gurgel / Strength of Alliance and special technique
11. Mundial record rankings
12. TT Jiujitsu / Passing guard, how to control opponent's hip

1. Competition - All Japan Master and Sinior Grappling Tour
2. Newaza De go - 2009 Deep X, Toikatsu Vs Raphael Mendez
3. ALMA Presents - Kansai Jumboly 2009
4. Robelt Sousa in Abudubi Jiujitsu 2009, Asian trial
5. Techniques - JT/Raphael Mendes/Hiroki Baba/Relson Gracie/Roylor Gracie + more..

!!!!!OUT ON 23rd OCT 2009!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I would love to see the 2 articles on Cobrinha and Langhi. Very interesting topics as it perains to their times with Terere!