It's been an experience getting this together but a good one in the end. I've updated the size-chart but here they are so check'em out for yourselves! Thanks to Prof for modeling the gi. These prices are exclusive to SEABJJ and limited in number. 'Arroz com Feijao' translates to 'rice & beans', keep it simple and that 's just what these are. Quality gold-weave BJJ cut gis at an awesome price. -Luke


Thanks everyone for the e-mails regarding the gi. I thought I should add a few details for those interested and some background on this project. To make a long story short, what I want is for BJJ to be huge in Southeast Asia and one of the problems I find is that people can't get BJJ gear without having to pay some hefty prices for the gi, shipping and import tax/duties. People here don't have the spending power of those in the US or countries like Japan which makes it quite difficult to explain to a new student why the have to pay 'x' amount for all these things. For most, it's a big financial commitment to pay for training and a BJJ uniform. Aesthetically I wanted something that was as basic as you can get so that the focus was on the value of a quality training gi and not about the grahpics and patches the gi came with. Also, it saves a few more dollars to the customer and gives them the freedom to decorate the gi however they like.

Now about the gi:

The gi-top is made from a 550gram gold-weave which is quite light and soft. Even after repeated washes/wear the gi remains to be very comfortable to train in and does not cause you to overheat in the hot weather. Things get pretty humid in Bangkok and I've been doing just fine in the gi. You'll notice in the detail pics the weave is a bit different than the older gold-weaves and I guess the closest that I've seen to this is a Sirius or perhaps a Lucky gi. I am not claiming that they are the same, just using these as a reference.

The collar/lapel is of average thickness and is absent of the foam/rubber interior that a lot of newer gis are using. Perhaps not as full as an Atama but comfortable to grip without giving too much to lapel-chokes. Easy on the neck as well.

All the interior construction details are solid and on par with the major brands that I've compared them to.

Nothing particularly flashy about the pants. They're made from heavy-duty twill, similar to the thickness you find with Keiko or HCK. The cut is a bit boxier than then the newer gis out there so they're straight with no taper at the cuff. This in my opinion gives a lot of room for the guard-player as the pants easily hike-up the leg. Perhaps a bit old-school but there's nothing wrong with that. Basic draw-string with two loops in the front.

All shipping will be sent by EMS Intl' Air unless otherwise requested. The shipping charges will differ depending on location and weight of goods. Obviously A1 gis will cost less to ship than A4 but if multiply gis are bought the shipping charges are less per gi due to weight/volume allowance.


1. E-mail luke@bjj-asia.com with the following details (gi size, gi color, shipping address)
2. You will receive a confirmation e-mail with quotation for goods + shipping/processing.
3. Once this prices as been confirmed, an invoice will be issued via paypal unless alternative payment is requested such as wire-transfer or Western Union.
4. Once payment is confirmed, goods will ship the following Friday.


Steve said...

Hey Luke,

That's a good looking gi, and at $60 it's a great deal.

Anonymous said...

plus postagr to malaysia how much??


Anonymous said...

a guy from our gym who competed in the 2009 FBT bought a white one. I would say the gi is very soft and nice. The fabric is similar to the Sirius gi. Any chance of coming to the Philippines? specifically Cebu?

willwayland said...

Nice clean looking BJJ gi, actually quite a hard thing to come by these days seeing as most BJJ gis these days look like an over eager graphics designer puked up logo's over them

LUKE said...

Thanks guys. I'm putting together some detail shots of the weave and labels so you can get a better look at the gi.

Also, I will include a shipping-cost chart on this post to major areas in Southeast Asia. For those interested from outside SEA, e-mail me for shipping/processing costs.

Anonymous said...

Webber here. I gave the blue gi to my instructor and he likes it. Thumbs up!

Kowloon BJJ said...

I dare you to find a gold weave gi for this price anywhere in the world! Buy 3. That sounded like a commercial. But it's true.

Carlos C. said...

Looks like your gis were a good buy while it was on sale but they look really nice. Have you shipped here over in the Philippines? I'd like to order soon. Just frustrated I wasnt able to see the promo prices...

Anonymous said...

hey luke! :) how are you? anyway can u send bulk for the philippines, i really wna some of ur gi's anyway pls. email me :)

new breed philippines

Anonymous said...

are the gi's still available?

Anonymous said...

Hi, are you still making those gis?

Anonymous said...

gi still available?


LUKE said...

The 'rice & beans' gi is all sold out but please take a look at our new batch of classic gis here: