TMC: TAIWAN 10.09.2009

October 9th, Taiwan's TMC will have 3 SEABJJ fighters on the fight card representing Taiwan BJJ (Demitri Telfair) and Tiger Muay Thai (Andreas Hasselback & Wiktor Svenson).

More info to come.



Anonymous said...

Oct.5th, PRO fight series is featuring two other fighters from Thailand.

Kazuto and Yohann...

LUKE said...

Can some one help explain the split of Ming Wu? Cause now there are two organizations in Taiwan:

1. Pro Fight

2. TMC

Anonymous said...

I think their are 3 organizations.

Pro Fight




LUKE said...

I heard there was a split so Mong Wu no longer exists.

Is that not the case?

Anonymous said...

Ming Wu Split and became TMC and Tough- TMC is in a similar format while Tough is based around a quasi-reality TV show

Anonymous said...

its going to be a war.. i seen this guys in bkk grappling games..

warren said...

Ming Wu's partners split on personal issues. One partner went with Tough- taiwan reality MMA TV show and the other continue to host MMA fights under the TMC flag. TMC will be tournament style similar to PRIDE formats. Demitri Telfair from Taiwan BJJ will be fighting against Andreas from TMT, this will def be a war!
PRO Fighting is started by the largest party promotion group in Taiwan known as liquid lifestyles. The show this sunday will have two Taiwan BJJ academy fighters, James and Vova. James will be fighting a MMA new comer Eman training out of GSP's camp in Canada, and Vova against Yohann. Kazuto, I think will be fighting a guy from Guam. A couple great line ups on back to back MMA weekends in Taiwan.

LUKE said...

Thanks Warren for the info. Hope to see some great things from the Taiwan MMA scene as I'm sure there are plenty of hungry fighters coming out of SEA.