I'm exhausted but can't sleep cause there's still work to be done. Will be updating the blog on all the tournament info over the next couple of days and start putting my life back together. After tonight's open-mat, going to take a jiu-jitsu break and make up for loss family time.

I haven't seen my wife and son for the past week because of work and this tournament so I want to thank them for putting up with M.I.A.-Daddy.

Thanks to all the guys that helped out all weekend. Especially to our new friends from Ralph Gracie Berkeley, Peter Doyle, who came in on holiday and reffed both days and had some very tough decisions to make. Also, Ali Sulit from VPF who came in on some high level matches and did a great job reffing. All the guys that came to compete, win or lose. It's a labor of love, a great thing to see here in Bangkok but I'm oh so grateful that we do this only once a year. My heart couldn't take more than that.

All weekend I received a lot of thanks for putting this together but it's not just me. A lot of people are behind the the success of this event and I believe it's their love for jiu-jitsu and connection to the community that inspires them to give their all. You guys are the best!

To all the refs this weekend, I and the team are so grateful for your help and support. It's a thankless job and far too often take the heat, right or wrong. These guys are here to make sure you're safe, first and foremost and then of course to make it as balanced and fair as possible. We're human, mistakes happen but that's also part of the game. We're a young community with some growing pains to experience but I hope that events like ours help bring everyone's game up on all fronts. Organization, reffing, competition level, etc. Let' keep things positive so that we can all grow together.



PoR EMAC said...

You did a very great job!!!, Luke.

It's my pleasure to be a part of this event even just a volunteer!


hoin said...

thanks you seabjj for hosting this amazing event! its great to see bjj grow so much in the past 2 years from the steam house university basketball court to such an international event..

thank you

hoin from hk

Anonymous said...

Fantastic event I am very happy and proud to have taken part in. Thanks to all who helped with anything to do with the event!

/Peter Isaksson - Bangkok BJJ

Jem said...

and we're so proud of you Peter! Congrats on your promotion to blue! :)

Anonymous said...

great tournament and well organised thanks guys. we'll b back next yr

Narouque TWBJJ