Is anyone familiar with Lacie desktop drives? All my photos from Saturday (GI) are stuck on my Lacie drive and I am unable to initialize/mount the drive to my computer. I know it's all in there I just can't get to it now. I'm about to go insane here. I took nearly 1000 photos on Saturday and now I can't share them with you.

Similar problem last year as I uploaded all my pics from the first day, iphoto crashes and I lose the last 300 pics.

If anyone out there has a solution to this and it works, I will send a couple BJJ-ASIA shirts as thank you.



LUKE said...

I believe the 'volume' may have gotten corrupted and am now looking for services in Bangkok that can retrieve the data before the drive has to be reformatted and erased.

Charles said...

what model is your hdd?

LUKE said...



Anonymous said...

is the drive formatted as MS fat32 or Mac OS?

LUKE said...


At home it's at 10.4 and at work it's at 10.5 if that makes any difference.

I'm looking into retrieval software. Would appreciate some suggestions on which one.

Joel said...

There are a few places in Pantip that do data recovery. I have a linux OS on my laptop, we could see if it recognizes and mounts the drive. Then could transfer it to another drive.

Anonymous said...

If you didn't reuse the original medium where the photos were on before transferring them to the HDD, use an undelete utility to recover them from the original memory card. Even if you did reuse the memory card only partly, you could probably salvage part of the missing photos. But I guess this isn't an option as you'll probably reused that memory card over and over again on the Sunday ?

LUKE said...

Yes, that is correct. I had to clear my SD card so that I could take photos on Sunday.

Thanks guys for the help.

LUKE said...

Anyone familiar with 'prosoft'? This is the brand that was recommended by Lacie: