(l to r) Tomi Hashimoto, Hiroko Nakano, Peter Isaksson
This last week we had some incredible matches and from that came some well deserved promotions. I'd like to present to you Bangkok's latest purple and blue-belts.

Tomi Hashimoto took his weight just a month back at the 6th Annual Taiwan BJJ tournament and doing the same in the gi this past week at the 2009 FBT Thailand BJJ/Grappling Open. Showing equally well in the no-gi, it was inevitable with such tournament sucess that Tomi would be sporting new colors. At the after-party, Tomi was awarded his purple-belt by Professor Kayoom of Bangkok BJJ. Congratulations Tomi.

Peter Isaksson & Hiroko Nakano are terrors on the mat and I know this from first hand experience. Peter came to Bangkok on holiday and that was probably 6-8 months ago and there doesn't seem to be any sign that he intends on leaving. We're very proud to see Peter's progress not just in his ability on the mat but the metamorphosis to the beast that he is today. He's the first and last person on the mat.

Hiroko came to Bangkok probably well over a year ago at the early open-mat days before Bangkok BJJ opened. She came in to train no-gi and it was my mistake to take this little-lady so lightly. I have not made that mistake since and she did incredibly well this last week against some very technical and tough opponents in the women's division.

All three have tremendous heart and I'm grateful to call them my teammates. Congrats!


Judd said...

Congrats, Peter! You fought well in the competition. Well deserved.

p_isaksson said...

Thanks Judd, congrats yourself on your success in the tournament. Got two of your matches on video at:


if you haven't seen it :)

PoR EMAC said...

You deserve it !!!
Congratulations all !!

You did great on the tournament.