Am a bit jetlagged so I can't sleep and am looking through all the google apps associated with my account. Didn't realize how much was there to be used so you may be seeing some changes on the blog. Immediately so, I've added an 'UPCOMING EVENTS' section just under the BJJ-ASIA description. I will be changing the event according to what's next on the calendar and what's nice about this is that it offers a map. Also on the list of changes is my e-mail. I am slowly phasing out my bjjasia@gmail account and will be now using luke@bjj-asia.com.

I've also begun filling out my bjj-asia calendar but have yet to figure out how to make this 100% public without requiring 'you the reader' to create your own account to view it. Perhaps it all requires an invite but will update everyone once I've gotten a handle on it.


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