FRIDAY: 09.18.2009

These days I'm getting up pretty early whether I like it or not so it's at this hour I find it easier to post and catch up with my e-mails outside of work. I would say the majority of competitors are due to arrive today but I've already met with several teams who stopped by the academy (Bangkok BJJ) to check things out and say hi. One of the great things about events like this one is I get to meet the readers/contributors of BJJ-ASIA, make new friends and catch up with old ones. If we haven't met, feel free to introduce yourself, especially if we've e-mailed since it's always nice to put a face to the name.

The BJJAT Team has really pulled through with getting everything together and things will kick off this evening at the weigh-ins. This will be held at Bangkok BJJ which shares the same lot as the Golden Palace Hotel. There is limited space inside and we want to keep things moving so when you're inside, it's all business. We'll be ushering in people 2 at a time and no more than 20 cued for weigh-ins. This will be from 6-8:30pm and will be closing doors by 9pm. The reason for this is the entire team then has to got to the tournament site to setup all the mats, tables, banners, etc.

We will be providing an information pamphlet to include the following:

*tournament schedule (brackets, awards, events)
*bus schedule (2 vans will be making 4 trips within the day to and from Golden Palace Hotel and the tournament space)
*maps (for those taking taxi, it's roughly 30 minute ride barring traffic)
*contact info

We won't be printing a huge number of these so please share with your teammates and save some trees.

Something I didn't advertise last year is that we will have a merch-counter with a number of cool items you can buy. From new t-shirts, patches and now the BJJ-ASIA kimono. Support the BJJAT and BJJ-ASIA by picking up some gifts to bring back home for your teammates that couldn't make it, heck why not for yourself.

*Sunday night we will be having an after-party at Woodstock Bar (3rd floor). We have a private space just for us and drinks are at 'happy hour' prices.

*Monday night, following the tournament for those sticking around. Bangkok BJJ will be hosting a free open-mat session for all those wanting to train. Doesn't matter what academy/club you're from, just come in with a positive attitude and train/learn/exchange. 7-9pm

Thanks to our sponsors:
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