taken from: Graciemag.com

The highlight of the night was the inverted arm triangle Rolles Gracie used to submit Australia’s Peter Graham in just a few minutes.

Another triangle to catch the crowd’s attention was the USA’s Daniel Madrid’s, who overcame Daijiro Matsui in a lively contest.

Lamentable was the No Contest Braga Neto applied on Rodney Glunder. In the opening moments, Neto body locked his adversary in spectacular fashion. The pressure was such that Glunder was left dangling outside the ring. Alleging accidental injury, he didn’t return to fight and the organization decreed a No Contest.

Andy Wang vs. Atsuhiro Tsuboi - draw
Rolles Gracie submitted Peter Graham via arm triangle - R1
Rodney Glunder vs. Antonio Braga Neto - NO CONTEST
Wang Sai defeated Lee Yong Jae by KO - R1
Michael Costa vs. Simeon Thoresen - draw
Daniel Madrid submitted Daijiro Matsui via inverted triangle - R2


warren said...

Lee Yong Jae defeated Wang Sai by KO - R1
i think it's the other way around.

LUKE said...

OH? Damn, cause I copied this from Graciemag.com. Thanks Warren, you were there, haha.