Dear Asia BJJ/MMA Community,

We are excited to announce that the Art of War Fighting Championship will be going to the Venetian Resort in Macau on September 26, 2009. This event, "Ground Zero" will be the largest Art of War event to date and we are excited to work with the Venetian to bring our exciting brand of mixed martial arts to our fans and friends in the region.


Match 1 - 72 kilograms
Jason Schmidt (USA) vs. Kenichi Hattori (Japan)

Match 2 - 78 kilograms
Jeong Soon Hak (Korea) vs. Li Jun Lei (China)

Match 3 - 84 kilograms
Munkhbayasgalan Dorjderem (Mongolia) vs. Elyorbek Akborov (Uzbekistan)

Match 4 - 78 kilograms
Claes Beverlov (Sweden) vs. Zhang Li Peng (China)

Match 5 - 78 kilograms
Vaughn Anderson (Canada) vs. Kim Dong Hyun (Korea)

Match 6 - 72 kilograms
Arthit Hanchana (Thailand) vs. Dai Shuang Hai (China)


Match 7 - 78 kilograms
Michael Costa (Brazil) vs. Simeon Thoresen (Norway)
Michael Costa is fighting out of Wanderlei's camp and has aggressive attacking style. Simeon Thoresen is a prodigy student of Joachim Hansen and has 10 of 11 wins by submission. Definitely 2 of the greatest up and coming fighters in the world of MMA today. Should be a great war!!!

Match 8 - 78 kilograms
Lee Yong Jae (Korea) vs. Wang Sai (China)
Wang Sai is looking to avenge his last performance in the Art of War ring. Lee Yong Jae has an undefeated amateur record and is making his pro debut.

Match 9 - 90 kilograms
Rodney Glunder (Netherlands) vs. Antonio Braga Neto (Brazil)
Rodney Glunder has wins over Cheick Congo, Valentijn Overeem, Cyrille Diabate and Melvin Manhoef. Antonio Braga Neto is the 2008 Heavyweight World BJJ Champion.

Match 10 - 84 kilograms
Daniel Madrid (USA) vs. Daijiro Matsui (Japan)
Daniel Madrid is a bright up-and-coming MMA star from the USA. Daijiro Matsui is a veteran of Pride Fighting Championship having faced the world's best fighters like Wanderlei Silva, Vitor Belfort, Igor Vovchanchin, and Quinton Jackson.

Match 11 - 96+ kilograms
Rolles Gracie (Brazil) vs. Peter Graham (Australia)
Rolles Gracie puts his legendary family's reputation on the line against K-1 heavyweight knockout artist, Peter Graham.

Match 12 - 72 kilograms
Atsuhiro Tsuboi (Japan) vs. Andy Wang (China)
Andy Wang of The Ultimate Fighter reality tv show takes on Japanese Shootboxing expert Atsuhiro Tsuboi. Andy is currently on a win-streak and is looking to showcase his expert submission skills in the Art of War ring. Tsuboi is a tough veteran of Japan's Shootboxing circuit and has

Special Guests for the Art of War 14 - Ground Zero event will include:

Michael Buffer - Ring Announcer
Big John McCarthy - Referee
Yuji Shimada - Referee
Royce Gracie
Bas Rutten

We will also be holding a MMA seminar with none other than BAS RUTTEN on SATURDAY SEP 26. More details will be announced on our website: www.mmachina.com.

Tickets for the event and room packages can be purchased from the Venetian website: https://www.cotaiticketing.com/VCLTicketing/eventDetail.do?eventCode=aow2009

For more information regarding the Art of War Fighting Championship, please log onto: http://www.mmachina.com.

You can check us out on YOUTUBE at http://www.youtube.com/artofwarfc.

You can follow us on TWITTER at http://twitter.com/artofwarfc.

See you at the fights!

Art of War Fighting Championship
Organizing Committee



Anonymous said...

Looks like a few mismatches.

Andy Wang is fighting a guy with a 6-12 record?

Dai Shung Hai is fighting his 3rd Thai opponent?

Anonymous said...

well, considering that Andy Wang's own MMA record is only 7-7, it isn't really a mismatch at all...

Why is Dai Shuang Hai's fight with a Thai considered a mismatch?

Anonymous said...

rmour has it that this event has been postponed? anyone have the truth- i already bought a plane ticket

Ray Elbe said...

I saw something about that on MMA.TV

AOW has good financial backing...probably just something to do with the casino.

Someone also told me Bebee was going to Mongolia to run their grappling program.

Sinclair said...

i just have word from a reliable source that its not true and that they are flying out to macau on monday to set things up

LUKE said...

AOW 14 is not canceled and will go on as scheduled.