I would say that traveling makes it easy to excuse yourself from your normal routine of exercise (training) and diet (eating right) which only makes it harder coming home with a few extra lbs/kgs on the waist line. Just weighed myself the other day and clocked in at a whopping 218lbs (99kg) at 5'10" (175cm) tall. I've been told I don't look that heavy but no one will deny that I weigh a ton when playing side-control. Anyways, already hitting the treadmill in addition to training and will have to cut back on the beer which is a big culprit. My goal is to reach my 'wedding weight' which was just a little over 2 years ago at 185lbs (84kg). Not expecting to get there by competition time this September but I will make it. At that weight I have strength, speed and endurance cause I won't be lugging around the extra weight. Anyways, I see this as a challenge for myself to begin some real lifestyle changes much like I did when I turned 25 and began training jiu-jitsu. Which made me think about how we treat our bodies in preparation for tournaments in contrast to an off-season.

Do you change your diet and routine prior to a major tournament?

How drastic a change are you making and for how long?

How do you maintain good nutrition/habits on the off-season? Holidays?

Or does it not matter to you?

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