Not sure how many of you are into keeping up with the top-competitors of today and what the latest jiu-jitsu trend may be on the mat (technique, not fashion) but if you are, you'll have heard some news/discussion over the 50/50-guard. Aptly named for it's mirror-position of wrapping the leg from between the legs of the opponent to the outside and locking it in like a figure-four (triangle). The more notable users of this guard are Bruno Frazatto, the Mendes brothers and Ryan Hall. The first three share the same bracket as Ruben 'Cobrinha' Charles and some may say the 50/50 was their solution to dealing with the Alliance champion. So far the only sucess is by Rafael Mendes at the Abu Dhabi Pro JJ over Conbrinha but this particle guard has been making a lot of noise on whether it is a stall or how competitors may use it in competition, both bad/good.

Anyways, what's got me excited is not the argument of what is good or bad jiu-jitsu since it's all part of the evolution as one group overcomes the other with change/adaptation. And for those who keep up with the Fightworks Podcast, you'll have heard the latest interview with Ryan Hall and his thoughts on the 50/50-guard.

JIU-JITSU EVOLUTION: 50/50-guard pass from none other than Alliance, the home team of Cobrinha. In addition, Graciemag has also published another escape from Renato Tavares. Check'em out.

ALLIANCE: purple-belt,
Ricardo Mesquita

Renato Tavares (ATT)

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