Ch ch ch ch ch CHANGES...

It's now my first Monday as a 30-year-old having celebrated this past Friday. A bit of a heavy week prior with returning to Asia and catching up with family and work. Besides that, I've been MIA on training for well over a month now since the arrival of my first-born. Despite all that I am doing everything I can to maintain the pace on work and projects that keep things interesting for me. Things are constantly changing and can vary in degree depending on what stage your life is at. Sometimes I feel older than I am while friends of mine in their 40's seem to be in their perpetual 20's. Who knows, I may do a 180 when I turn 40, haha. So for some this age may bring dread while others having 'been through it' look back with happy thoughts. I hope that this next decade becomes my most productive yet. As I get older the list of things that I want to accomplish become greater as the time to do them in is less and less. Oh, and if you dont' get the title of this post it's a famous Bowie song and if you don't know who Bowie is, I feel bad for you.

Just wanted to give some more info on our tournament the

*REGISTRATION: In order for your registration to go through all boxes must be filled out. Even if you are competing in just one half of the weekend (GI or NO-GI), please be sure to fill everything out. Entries that are missing information such as e-mail, birth-date, etc will not be accpeted.

*NO-GI: RULES ON LEG-LOCKS: We have been receiving requests on what are the specific rulings on leg-locks at each level of our competition (Novice, Advanced, Elite). Please pay careful attention to what will be allowed at each level. We are making these distinctions to safeguard the players as they reflect the general level of understanding in both APPLICATION & DEFENSE!!! Tap before you snap!

For Novice Class
: Straight Achilles Locks only

For Advanced
: Straight Achilles, Toe Holds, Knee Bars and Muscle Crushes

For Elite Class
: Straight Achilles, Toe Holds, Knee Bars, Muscle Crushes and Heel Hooks

Since we've changed formats, the old website is no longer active which leaves our blog as the best resource for information on the tournament. Please check out: WWW.THAILANDBJJCOMP.BLOGSPOT.COM


1. Click on the following link:

2. Here you will see a list of competitors that have already added their name and information to the spreadsheet. Find the next available line and type in your information. Press 'tab' button to move from one box to the next.

3. Once you've completed all the required boxes, that's it! PLEASE REVIEW YOUR INFORMATION BEFORE CLOSING YOUR BROWSER!

4. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you shortly, please allow for 1-2 days as this is being done manually. This e-mail will ask that you re-confirm the information entered to the spreadsheet.

5. Remember,
the first 100 registered competitors will receive a complimentary rash-guard. These rash-guards will have a new design and better fit than last year's model.


Anonymous said...

2Old here.

I like "Pressure" with Bowie and Freddie Mercury.

Whatever age you are now, will never change. Some people are 40 when they are 15..and when they are 80. Some are 15 when they are 40...and 80.

Hope you have used the break to heal up and stretch.

Take care and happy fatherhood!

Paul Ahn said...

happy belated birthday wishes from Seoul, Luke!

LUKE said...

Thanks Guys,

Yeah, I still like my music LOUD and my whiskey/beer combos.

Just having a blast doing what I do and getting to meet so many cool people through jiu-jitsu.