So I just got back to town but am in between a few more trips before the big tournament here in Bangkok, September 19-20. If you haven't been keeping up, info on the masters divisions have been posted on the tournament blog: www.thailandbjjcomp.blogspot.com. Be sure to check that out and remember FIRST 100 TO REGISTER are entitled to a free rashguard when checking in. There's just over a month now to register as the deadline will be September 16!!! We will not accept any registrations on the day-of. This is to minimize delays in getting the day started and adjusting the brackets after weigh-ins.


A few things are in the works that I'd like to put out there. Yes, I still have plans on releasing the 'women in bjj' article and yes, I am embarrassed that I haven't done so already. Besides that, some products are underway such as patches, t-shirts and bjj kimono. Yes, I am producing a modest run of bjj uniforms that are a quality product, plain, absent of decorative patches and at a great price. Perfect for the beginner or for those looking to add an extra gi to their rotation but not wanting to spend another $100-150 to do so. These will be in stock this August and I will be making them available at the FBT Thailand BJJ/Grappling Open, September 19-20, 2009. My aim is to provide a quality product that can support the growing BJJ community at prices we can all be comfortable with. White uniforms retail at $60 USD and blue at $65 USD. Teams looking to buy in bulk (10+) can contact me for discounted prices at bjjasia@gmail.com. *note: More details regarding measurements and pictures will be added in the coming weeks.