Just wanted to thank all the readers that have sent in news and material to post on BJJ-ASIA. It's the participation from you guys that help make this a place for the community. Congrats to our buddies that recently competed in the Rickson Gracie Cup in Japan. Can't wait to see more video from that event. Remember, we've got a big tournament in Taiwan this month so be sure to get your tickets and book your spot. I know of several heavy teams from the area are gearing up for this one so it should be good. Unfortunately I won't be abel to attend as I will be away on another biz trip during that weekend. I plead with you guys to send me pics of what I'm missing out on!

I have also been receiving mail regarding the Thailand BJJ/Grappling Open's online registration status. We have changed servers and IT staff which has caused some delays. We promise things will be up and running with plenty of time to register by September 16th. A bit of cool news for you gear-freaks is that we just confirmed sponsorship from one of the leading online martial arts stores, Budovideos.com. Thanks to their support, the winners of each belt divisions' absolute will be walking home with a sweet sweet prize. I won't say what it is just yet but it's one of the many things us guys/gals at BJJAT are doing to make the Thailand Open one of the hilights of the season.



warren said...

thanx for plugging for our tournament in taiwan.
we are also fortunate to have fokai, Art Of War, and bull terrier sponsorship in terms of prizes for competitors.

warren said...

for those who will be staying in taiwan for a bit after the tournament.
taiwan bjj academy will host a two day baret yoshida no gi seminar
on monday and tuesday night after the tournament.
the two day, 2 hours each, seminar will cost 1500NT, a proximately 45 USD.
ps. please feel free to contact us through our forum if you need help with accomdations arrangements.