BJJAT would like to reach out to all brown and black-belts looking to compete this coming September in Southeast Asia. We are now setting up divisions and superfights with CASH-PRIZES!!! Please contact thailandbjj@gmail.com for further information. Be sure to put “Black Belt” or Brown Belt” in the email subject line.

-brown & black-belt tournament fees are waived (free)
-complementary accommodations made available courtesy of Golden Palace Hotel

Finally, we are now matching fighters for our exhibition, amateur MMA matches that will be held on Sunday afternoon after the grappling competition. These fights were very exciting last year and we expect a similar performance in 2009. If you want to fight, we need to hear from you soon with your full name, fighting weight, age and MMA record. Make sure you put “MMA fighter” in the subject line of your email.

The BJJAT recognizes the importance of qualified and consistent referees and are now offering daily pay for those qualified to act as referee. If you are of purple-belt level or above and would be interested in working as a referee this coming September 19 and 20, please contact thailandbjj@gmail.com. Please put "Referee" in the subject of the e-mail. We will be holding a referee seminar prior to the tournament and at each morning to review the rules and regulations.

Coming soon!!!

WEIGHT DIVISIONS (same for both gi & no-gi)
under 60 KG
under 64 KG
under 70 KG
under 80 KG
under 90 KG
under 100 KG
over 100 KG

-Weigh-ins are with the gi (gi-day)
-Weigh-ins morning of each competition day
-The weight divisions above have been set to ensure bracket sizes are substantle (6-12 persons).
-We do have a contingency plan that in the case a given bracket is large enough to split in two with 6-12 competitors per, we will. This would apply to divisions: 70kg, 80kg, 90gk, 100kg.



Anonymous said...

Great tournament! Weight divisions correct? Why use IBJJF rules for other things and not weight divisions? Also, correct that same weights used for weigh in with gi as no gi - not have gi allowance like Manila?

LUKE said...

1. These are the weight brackets we used last year to ensure that each bracket had enough competitors and to avoid a 2-3 person division. Since we often meet the same guys at the major tournaments in SEA, we thought it good to group them as such and give more opportunity for matches leading to the gold.

2. We do have a contingency plan that in the case there is more than enough competitors to split the division so that there are 6-12 competitors to weight-division, we will. So in the case from 70-79kg, there are 40 competitors, we will split them accordingly.

3. The weight divisions will be the same for both days. There is potential for a person to compete in different weight divisions due to difference of weight with or without the gi. The gi-day is weighed 'with the gi'.

4. All of these decisions have been based on firsthand experience from competing in SEA and what we as an organization feel serves the event and it's participants best. As things grow so will our approach to accommodate everyone as best we can.

Thank you,
BJJAT Co-Director

Fang said...

Hey Luke,

Pardon my ignorance, but where's the absolute category? Is there going to be one? Thanks.

Escobar BJJ Malaysia

LUKE said...

Absolutely, each belt level will have an absolute category. FYI, the winner of each absolute will receive a $100 USD gift card from www.budovideos.com!!!

Fang said...

Thanks Luke! Sounds really sweet. The tournament is building up to be quite something huh? We'll try to do our part to get participation from Malaysian BJJers.

Escobar BJJ Malaysia