Here's some commentary from a teammate that is always on the road. While work keeps him busy he still manages to find time to train at various schools and most recently he had a chance to stop by EVOLVE MMA. -LukeHi to all BJJ Addicts,

During my last visit to Singapore I tried for the first time the new Evolve MMA gym. It was highly recommended by a friend that trains there - especially the world class instructor - Rafael "Gordinho" Correa de Lima -".

First of all the hospitality was very open, with a big smile and a real martial arts atmosphere. Rafael is a very relaxed and professional instructor that focused both on technique and cardio - I don't remember even a water break during the advanced bjj group training!

Rafael and evolve are building a strong group empathizing attendance and long term training - and the price is parallel. If you want to train with the best and be the best, for my opinion, this is the place in Singapore.

Hoping to see the evolve guys in Bangkok open this upcoming September.


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Bar said...

good to see you had some good training. i am on my there on Tuesday...say hallo to the guys in bangkok