The weekend before last, the Pacific Rim Organized (PRO) Fighting debuted in Taiwan. Below is a recap of each fight sent to us by Gareth Griffiths. Make sure to check out the flickr account covering all the action. -Luke


Pacific Rim Organized (PRO) Fighting Debuts In Taiwan
PRO Fighting held its first event this past Sunday June 14 at the Luxy Nightclub in Taipei, Taiwan. An enthusiastic crowd witnessed some good fights featuring Taiwanese and overseas fighters. PRO Fighting, the second organisation looking to boost the popularity of mixed martial arts on the island, aims to hold its second event in the fall.

Match #1: Ming Chen Han def. Lee Shang Shun by arm triangle 1:12 in the 1st. Ming took Lee down very early in the round with a big slam and moved easily into side control. Once he applied the hold, Lee had no choice but to tap.

Match #2: Pan Wen Zhan def. Lee Chen Han due to referee stoppage early in the 2nd. Pan took Lee down a number of times in the early part of the first round with some big slams. Pan was disinclined to follow Lee to the mat, much to the vocal surprise of those in attendance. Eventually, the two did engage on the ground, and the round ended with Lee on Pan's back. Early in the second, Pan landed a big right uppercut to Lee's left eye. Lee was reluctant to continue, forcing the referee to step in and call a stop to the fight.

Match #3: Owa def. Pan Wen Shi by triangle choke late in the 1st round. Despite sustaining a cut over the left eye - which had the medical staff in attendance busy for a spell - Owa pulled off a good victory in a fight which had action both standing and on the ground.

Match #4: Ye Mu Han def. Ho Yi Hen by rear naked choke with 1 second remaining in the 1st round. The two heavyweights slugged it out for much of the first round, with shots which missed as often as they found their mark. Both fighters had dominant positions at one point or another on the ground, and it was unfortunate for Ho, who broke his thumb during the fight, that he couldn't hold on for the end of the round, the horn sounding moments after he tapped.

Match #5: (Fight of the Night) Andrei Liu def. Zhang Jing Xiong by judges split decision. In close fight, Taiwan BJJ And Taiwan Muay Thai's Andre Liu won his second consecutive fight by judges decision against a much-improved Zhang. The first round seemed to belong to Liu, and the second to Zhang. The third was probably the closest round, and could've gone either way.It was Liu who finished the fight in a dominant position, landing strikes from inside Zhang's guard.

Match #6: Nick Leconte def. Zhong Rei Fong in the middle of round 1 by kimura. Leconte, who made the trip from Korea for this fight, kept his cool against the powerful Zhong in a display of, in his own words, "BJJ 101". After taking Zhong down early in the round, Leconte found himself in an attempted guillotine choke. While Zhong squeezed, Leconte worked patiently at escaping, eventually getting side control. Immobilising Zhong by trapping his left arm and head in an upside down triangle, Leconte quickly finished the fight with a kimura on Zhong's right arm.

Match #7: Jason Bukich def. Lee Zhi Fong with a rear naked choke @ 55 secs. in the 1st round. The final fight of the night saw the incredibly popular BJJ black belt and coach Jason Bukich take on Taiwanese Olympian judoka Lee Zhi Fong. After some very brief striking, Bukich took Lee's back and secured a tight standing rear naked choke. Lee, in a last-ditch effort to rid himself of the impending loss of consciousness, flung himself backwards onto the mat. This was to no avail, and Lee tapped immediately to give the magnanimous and humble Bukich the victory.

Gareth Griffiths & Royal Chiou

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