I joke that in my mind's-eye I am not a big guy (198 lbs/90kg @ 5'10"/175cm tall) but in fact a pluma stuck in a pesado's body. There's no doubt I use my weight and strength to my advantage, especially with those that have equal skill and or attributes. You could ask me to stop using my strength and I would return and ask you not to be so fast, slow down so I can catch you. But that's not the point that I'm trying to make and it's not what's been on my mind lately. I've been spending a lot of time thinking about perspectives and how understanding both halves of a position is what allows you to see how they complement each other. Understanding both halves of the a position like knee-ride can give you the tools to execute and defend the situation properly. It's situations like these that are bringing me back to the fundamentals of jiu-jitsu and the concepts that govern success or failure. There is always someone bigger, stronger and faster but we're all functioning within the same set of physical limitations.

So in the process I've been easing up on my 'A' game when rolling and taking my time with a number of positions. Can't stay here forever but it's an interesting spot in my journey with things being more relaxed. Not sure if this makes sense but everything feels very open and loose right now in contrast to preparing for a tournament where there's little room for untested elements. I've also been warned not to get too complacent in just playing a certain position and to put equal emphasis on the transitions which I guess is part of the next step, connecting the pieces to create a larger sequence of possibilities.

Nothing ground breaking here but just thought I'd share a bit of what I've been working with. With the blog, upcoming tournaments, work, family and all it's nice to come back to something more personal and just mine. -Luke


Ben said...

Awesome, you should make that design a patch on your Kimonos!

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Anonymous said...

"You could ask me to stop using my strength and I would return and ask you not to be so fast, slow down so I can catch you."
Hahaha LOL :)
Have been thinking about this also over the years. And it's strange that using one's (over)weight and strength makes you feel a lot more guilty than someone who uses his flexibility, speed or stamina.
Have a few angles of looking at it now, and that got (for the most part) rid of this guilttrip.