Jetlag doesn't hit me as hard coming back to Asia but am still a bit hazy, especially during morning training. Just got back the other night from a business trip that went well, something I'm very grateful for considering the economy. So now that I'm back, I'm in the real countdown to the arrival of my baby-boy. If I go MIA in the next week or so you'll know why.

While the build up for AOW 12 was pretty heavy with significant coverage of the VIP guests and its fight-cards, it's in the post write-ups and recaps that I get to hear what a significant event it was for MMA in China. If you guys haven't kept up on your own, here are a few links to check out.




(Fransino Tirta of Synergy JJ)

(Rolles Gracie)


Allow me this week to get situated. Hope all is well and best of luck to our SEABJJ friends that are competing this coming weekend at the Mundials in California, USA. Definitely keep us posted with how you're doing and what the experience is like to compete at the world's highest leveled event. We've got friends competing from Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Guam and Japan. -Luke


Anonymous said...

JP Bolle from my Belgian academy (Sequana - Gent) got 3rd place in white belt meio-pesado division, after about 1 year of training.
Missing Bangkok - and doing my best training here in the meantime.
See you back in October at EMAC

Nick, the Belgian hippopotamus

Ray Elbe said...

Good Luck to Tony Eduardo...

Meio Pesado: Rominho vs Carlos Portugues; Victor Estima vs Tony Eduardo; Otavio vs Salazar; Gregor Gracie vs Tarsis

I hope he pulls out another medal!!

Anonymous said...

Your friend had a great run but lost in the quarters however.

Won first match on points, Then subbed Chris Moriarity in under a min, then won another dec. to get to the quarters.

impressive sub of stud grappler Moriarity.