2009 THAILAND BJJ/GRAPPLING OPEN (09.19-20.2009)

Fellow Athletes,

The 2009 Thailand Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu/ Submission Grappling Open is just 3 months away!

The team in Bangkok is working hard to put on another exciting event with the quality you have come to expect. In 2008 we had just under 200 competitors with all weight and belt-levels represented and we believe this year’s Thailand Open will be a highlight of the 2009 competition season. We have competitors from all over Asia, Europe, Bahrain and the USA returning to compete this year.

We are now updating our online-registration system and will make it active soon. The last day for online submission will be September 16th at 6pm Bangkok time. No walk-up entries will be accepted.

Our competition will be conducted under IBJJF rules http://www.ibjjf.org/rules.htm on Day 1 (Gi) and under ADCC rules http://www.bjj.eu.com/index2.php?option=com_content&do_pdf=1&id=289 on Day 2 (No Gi). Please take some time to carefully read them. Please note that the weight classes in these documents will not be in effect. Our website is currently under construction (www.thailandbjj.com) but will be sure to alert when you when it is ready to check as it will have all the pertinent information regarding the tournament. Tentatively it is scheduled to be ready within the month.

Weigh-ins will be conducted in the morning on both days. If you are competing on both days of the competition, you will need to weigh in twice. Please plan on making weight. If you do not think you can make the weight class that you signed up for- you need to email us at thailandbjj@gmail.com BEFORE September 16th at 6pm Bangkok time and tell me what weight class you need to be placed in. Put "Weight Class Change" in the subject line of the email.

We will increase the number of trips for the shuttle bus to and from the tournament site to facilitate those that have a later competition-time or would like to return to their hotel early. The pickup and drop-off will be at the Golden Palace Hotel on Sukhumvit Soi 1. The hotel has offered the same discounted rates as last year. If you're looking to book in advance, please contact mkt@goldenpalacehotel.com and CC to bjjasia@gmail.com with subject "BJJ competition".

Key Features of Our Competition Include-

• Expansive competition mat space covering more than240 square meters High quality
refereeing committed to protecting the safety of competitors

• First-aid support from an international hospital will be on hand

• Distinctive, presentation-grade medals and trophies

• First 100 competitors with paid registration will receive a custom-made rash guard

• Prizes for Most Technical fighter, Most Submissions and Absolute Champions
• A new line of BJJ/Grappling gear from Southeast Asia will be sponsoring this event with BJJ
gis and grappling shorts! • Great competition T-shirts & more
• Amateur MMA matches on Day 2 (No Gi)

• Entry fees waived for Brown and Black belt competitors

• Separate, private changing areas and clean bathrooms all weekend

It is going to be a great weekend full of top quality competition. Don't miss this exciting annual event and join us in Bangkok on September 19th & 20th. Spread the word and see you there.




295 Rama 3, Rd Bangkorlam

10120 Bangkok Thailand

(same for both gi & no-gi)

under 60 KG
under 64 KG
under 70 KG

under 80 KG

under 90 KG

under 100 KG
over 100 KG

white, blue, purple, brown, black

Novice: less than 2 years

Advance: more than 2 years
Elite: Purple-belt & up

(all fees for brown & black-belts are waived)

2-DAYS (ADULT) - 1500 BAHT

1-DAY (ADULT) - 1000 BAHT

2-DAYS (KIDS) -1000 BAHT

1-DAY (KIDS) - 700 BAHT


Polish Mutant said...

I'll be in the states this September but I'll put it on the calendar for 2010. I need to hit that tournament before I leave the pacific. Have you passed the info to Axis so they can post on the JJFJ site? take care guys!


LUKE said...

Hey Henry,

Hope you're doing well. Gotta visit us again soon. I sent out a mass e-mail but will follow up with the guys in Axis-JP.


Anonymous said...

Hey Luke,

Is there a under 100kg category? Just says under 90 and over 100.

LUKE said...

Oops, I believe there should be. Just cut and paste from a document from last year. I'll double-check. Thanks

adit said...

Can I copy & paste this event in a forum?
I'm sure lots of the guys will be happy hearing this news.