Fritz Rodriguez (Gracie Barra PH) was promoted to brown-belt by Kazeka Muniz, a GB 2nd degree black-belt last Monday (5-11-09). Fritz is Gold and Silver medalist in BJJ in PanAsia BJJ International, and Former Light Heavy Weight URCC Champion in Mixed Martial Arts. Fritz is currently teaching/training BJJ in Lancaster and he will be returning to the Philippines later this year.

John 'Upstate' Brennan
(Bangkok BJJ)
John is a new addition to the Bangkok BJJ team, hailing from the East Coast (New York/Florida) where he trained with ATT. John was awarded the blue-belt after showcasing his technical ability in contrast to his massivity (trust me if you've ever trained with him) from Prof. Kayoom. A real treat to see when students elect to challenge themselves and not depend solely on their physical attributes. Doesn't hurt that John has some excellent wrestling skills either, hehe. Congratulations to both gentlemen and well done!

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Anonymous said...

congrats Fritz, I met your brother at the PI National and Pan Asians, cool guy..hopefully he won his MMA Match. I thought I was he only filipino named Fritz, but apparently not lol.