Here are some hilights from last weekend's tournament in Manila. Thanks to NAROUQUE for these vids. Be sure to visit his youtube account for more coverage. -Luke

Nogi Advanced over 78kg weightclass finals Jason Bukich (Taiwan BJJ) vs Marcos Escobar (Checkmat Malaysia)

Nogi Advanced Under 78kg weightclass Makoto Ogasawara (Taiwan BJJ) vs Sebastien Desvignes (Bangkok BJJ)


Andy said...

Whats happens in seb's match it cuts off just as he's working on getting the armbar?

Ray Elbe said...

Is this Jason Bukich from Jeremy Williams school in Orange County?

I didn't realize he was living in Asia now!!

I lost to him on points when I was a blue, and he was a brown at one of the No Limits grappling tournaments, in Irvine CA.

Can someone send me his email info?


Thanx ;)

Ray Elbe

Anonymous said...

By right is Jason allowed to sit on the mats (@ 0:30 and 7:26)without first having some contact with Marcos' body?

Also I'm not sure, but shouldn't the ref award 2 points to Escobar for the takedown right in the beginning...after he escapes the guillotine attempt?

Just wondering...

Fang said...


You are right, that is the Jason Bukich from Apex, from Jeremy 'Spider' Williams' school. I think Escobar may have his email address. Perhaps you can contact Escobar at ebjj@live.com. Or, you could start looking around at www.taiwanbjj.org. He's currently teaching there now I think.


Anonymous said...

for the question above, there was no point deduction for pulling guard in the no gi tourn. - Scott

Tony said...

No reason why a person should not be allowed to sit guard in a Submission Grappling tournament. It is not a wrestling tournament.

I think the Slam as an attempt to escape the guillotine choke should have been a DQ, but it looks like the ref awarded an advantage instead.

I see Marcos finished second in the absolute to Jason as well. Did he get submitted then too?

Anonymous said...

Tony it didn't really look like an intentional slam, more like somewhere between Jason pulling guard to lock in the guillotine and Marcos grabbing the 2nd leg to score a takedown. Could've gone either way really.

The Pan Asian comps wasn't a submission tourney, just normal gi and no-gi rules. In the absolute category Jason beat Marcos on points with a margin of 2 or 4 points I think. That was an awesome fight as well.

I always thought under IBJJF rules it's not allowed for a fighter to sit on the mats or pull guard without having contact with his opponent. Maybe no-gi rules are different.

Respect to both Marcos and Jason though, they put on a helluva fight...twice. Being there to watch it live was amazing.

Ray Elbe said...


So many GREAT grapplers out of that Apex gym.

Jeremy Williams (RIP)
Nam Phan
Russ Miura

...and I'm sure I'm forgetting a ton others

Props to both Marcos and Jason for competing. You have to appreciate a black belt who is willing to compete in front of his students/school!!

Wish I would have made this tournament, looks like a fun day on the mats.

I'm curious about the IBJJF rules, regarding "pulling gaurd as well" I'm gonna shoot out a few emails.

Fang said...

Hey Tony,

If you look at the video, the 'slam' started with a single leg, after which Jason started working the guillotine as a counter, right as Marcos tried to sweep the remaining leg, Jason jumped into guard,which resulted in a slam like effect. As anonymous said, it could've gone either way. Both matches were decided on points and advantages.


I think Nam Phan is a brown belt under Jason, if I'm not mistaken. Wish that the TMT crew was there, would've been helluva lot more lively I'm sure. See you in Bangkok!


Anonymous said...

as for seb's match sorry man my disk ran out right when there was about 15sec left in the match. Really great fight but he didnt get the armbar