The NAKSU 2009 tournament semi-final will be held on Saturday May 30th, 2009 at Asawindum stadium (see attached poster and map), starting at 1 pm. 70 fighters are participating in different styles under MMA rules. As one of the premiere MMA events in Thailand, it serves as a great platform for style clashes that leave many still contending for which is best. -Luke


Ray Elbe said...

Very cool to see a platform like this for Thai's to compete.

Former Tiger Muay Thai trainer "OH" is featured on the poster~~~>He's on the far left wearing the belt.

Good to see he's continued training MMA after leaving TMT.

***I'd love to match Ngoo Ditty up against the winner of this tournament.

If any thai's are interested in fighting MMA in Phuket...please email me directly.


Anonymous said...

Where do all these guys train? I only recognize a few faces from over the years of training.

LUKE said...

The competitors are a mix of Muay Thai, TKD, Judo, Karate, traditional Jiu-Jitsu and BJJ. The majority come from Muay Thai, Karate and TKD.