Here is some big news from EVOLVE MMA in Singapore. -Luke

Evolve MMA to open a location in Brazil!

Evolve is in the process of opening a major location in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It will launch shortly with over 50 BJJ Black Belts and several World Champions in the very near future. It will immediately become one of the largest Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu academies in Brazil. There will be many benefits for current Evolve members in Singapore. First, Evolve will have a large supply of world-class BJJ Black Belts coming to Singapore in the future to help raise the level of Team Evolve to world-class standards. Second, all Evolve members in Singapore will now be allowed to train for FREE in Brazil. Third, all Evolve members will now be allowed to train for FREE at any Renzo Gracie Academy in the world. Fourth, Team Evolve (Singapore + Brazil) will have top level competitors in the BJJ Mundials this year as well as the UFC!

Stay tuned for more details!

BJJ 3rd Degree Black Belt World Champion, Rafael "Gordinho" Correa, will be giving a Special Seminar on the SECRETS of the half-guard! Everyone is welcome to attend! It will be FREE for all Evolve members. For non-members, the cost of the seminar will be $200 per person.
As you probably know, Gordinho is considered to be one of the greatest masters of the half-guard in the world. His older brother, Roberto "Gordo" Correa, is the superstar inventor of the half-guard and runs one of the most famous Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu academies in Brazil. Gordo has produced many World Champions such as Antonio Braga Neto, the current Super Heavyweight World Champion, and many more. Brodinho Silva is also a current student under Gordo. Gordo and Gordinho are known as the half-guard brothers for inventing new escapes, submissions, and techniques from the half guard. Also, please note that Gordo plans on coming to Singapore in the future to teach his famous half-guard techniques!

Here are the details for the Gordinho Seminar:

Superstar BJJ Black Belt World Champion Gordinho

June 6, 2009

5pm to 7pm

Evolve Mixed Martial Arts

FREE for Evolve members and $200 for non-Evolve members
Space will be limited.

To book your spot, please see the front desk at Evolve.


Ray Elbe said...

WOW...200USD for a 2 hour seminar.

I'd like to attend one of these but flight/hotel plus seminar fee is costly.

Ben said...

Should be In Singaporean Dollars, no?

Still about 130 USD...

Ray Elbe said...

...pardon my ingnorance. Saw Dollar...and just assumed USD.

kvltic said...

Opening a gym with instant blackbelts and champions doesnt make it a world class gym as it doesn't produce any champions.

Brazil is full of Black Belts. I am not amazed by it.

kvltic said...

oh and what is with that 'Superstar' term. This is bjj not entertainment business.

kvltic said...

Obviously How evolve operate is just like a Mc Dojo. 200 dollars for a seminiar with a 'Supertar'? no thanks.

Ray Elbe said...

Gordinho is an amazing BJJ name. I think Evolve has done the right thing paring up with a historic BJJ lineage. This will help the sport of BJJ grown in Singapore rather quickly. They've also done a good job of recruiting grapplers from the area and promoting their school.

...I had a student stop by the gym in Singapore to check out the school. He wanted to take some pics, but was told he could only photo the outside. That was a lil' disappointing...but I can understand the buisiness side of it...even though I'm from the other side of the track...most of you know we reguarly video, photo, and blog whats happening here in Phuket.

...I wouldn't call Evolve Mcdojo at all...I think most schools in the states run this way. The gym has had several of the top grapplers in the world stop by their school.

How else would someone in Singapore get a chance to train with these names? (both Muay Thai and BJJ)

Anonymous said...

I notice that kvltic has been talking quite a lot about Evolve MMA in both BJJ Asia and Sherdog. Do you have an agenda against Evolve or are you just pissed cause you can't afford to join the number one gym in Asia? Either way, i find you very entertaining! Your "facts" amuses me. Please do carry on with them as i am sure you are just helping to promote Evolve the more you talk about them!