Come next week I will be enjoying a traffic-free, congestion-free, noise-pollution-free Bangkok as most will be leaving the city to enjoy Songkhran somewhere else. Me, I'm staying right here. To those that have decided to leave the city I wish you safe travels. It'll give me the time to finally work on some articles that I've promised as well as paint a mural for the academy. Of course I can't paint a mural at the academy without doing one for the nursery for jr as well.

So projects outside of work will have to wait till then. Keep me posted with things in your area and I'll be sure to post ASAP. This year should also yield some cool stuff product-wise and not just from myself.



2Old said...

Come next week I may be enjoying a kid-free, noise-free, mess-free apartment as it's very likely my wife and kids will book a last minute flight to Thailand and then be leaving the city to enjoy Songkhran with the other crazy farmer people spraying water on every other crazy farmer person.

And oh yeah I don't think you'll be safe on Sukumvit, since every crazy farang (foreigner) who hangs out there will have those big mean water guns and be gunning to give you a soaking.

You'd better stick to Soi 1 to be safe.

Me, I'll just be watching a lot of BJJ instructionals. Alone. By myself. Moping. (By the third week missing familiar noise I'll be going slightly insane.)

Wait until jr. arrives. You'll never have a moment's peace again, and when you do, you won't know what to do with it.

Scott said...

Guess the city has not been as quiet as usual this Songkran! Hope all is well, a real shame when you have to avoid tank gun barrels rather than plastic water guns.

LUKE said...

For the most part, living in downtown Bangkok, I have not seen anything first hand. So the protests/violence is still very isolated but ultimately a huge shame for the country as we have yet to recover from the previous year's protests and political/economic hardships.

Thailand's tourist industry has taken a major blow. I remember September of last year there were a number of people who decided not to compete at our tournament due to the political situation.

I'm not a vocal person when it comes to my political views but gains made for either party are not for the people but for a few self-serving individuals. I believe there is equal fault on all parties. The PAD set the president for these protests and its now the UDD that have taken it to the next level. Neither party have made any real democratic progress and perhaps Thailand is experience their growing-pains.

I just wish for everyone to be safe.

Anonymous said...

No Luke, Thaksin was the president - but the PAD set the precedent.
(I wish my BJJ was as good as my spelling!)

LUKE said...

Haha, thanks for the correction.

LUKE said...

There is a major bloc-party on my soi with obnoxiously loud Thai-techno music blasting from someone's truck-stereo. Good times had by all, Songkhran was not ruined by the UDD. The people party through it all.