Just as the title states, I just never have enough time to do all the things that I'd like to. These days my ideal vacation is to stay at home, work on the computer designing a new shirt or something and then head on over to the academy to train before dinner or in the morning before breakfast. Is that too much to ask? Well, I doubt most of us even have it that good without stressing over bills and other obligations. For those that do I shake my first in your direction.

I feel intensely guilty for not completing the 'women in bjj' article but I did make progress on it over the Songkhran holiday here in Bangkok. I fear there will be a loss of momentum since posting the questions several weeks ago but just because the article isn't finished doesn't mean women have stopped training jiu-jitsu. I never got to the mural as a few other things took longer than expected but all in all a productive week.

This weekend is very exciting for me personally because Bangkok BJJ will be hosting Tinguinha for the first stop on a 4 city tour of Southeast Asia (Bangkok, Manila, Hong Kong, Singapore). 2-days of spider-guard and all it's variations, hahaha. This tour is sponsored by SEABJJ/BJJ-ASIA by the sales of it's shirts and patches. Because of this sponsorship, we were able to reduce the costs for each school to host Tinguinha at their location which included seminar fee, travel expense, hotel and food. With the cooperation and involvement of all four locations, we were able to make this happen and create enough interest for the seminar and hopefully more like it in the future. It's all in the pursuit of promoting the scene and to be a part of the growing community here in Southeast Asia. I hope to make these products more readily available at tournaments and perhaps at a few clubs cause the sales of these items help make more events like this a reality.

With that said, SEABJJ will be donating shirts for the upcoming tournament in Manila, the 2009 Pan Asian BJJ/Grappling Championships at the SM Mall of Asia this coming May 2nd. I believe these shirts will be given to the winners of the aboslute in each division. I would also like to hilight another tournament taking place on the same weekend but in Indonesia, the Java Submission Championship.

So a lot is happening this Spring and I'm sure this year will continue to be a busy one. For those following AOW, keep your eyes open for May 23 in Beijing. This particular edition of AOW is under the pratronage of the Sheik Mohamed Bin Zaied Al Nahyan. Special guests at this even will include Ricardo Liborio, Big John McCarthy, Royce Gracie, Rickson Gracie, Renzo Gracie, Tim Silvia and several other MMA celebrities. Wish I could be there but will be traveling on business, damn! Anyone that makes it to this must take pictures and give a recap of their experience! Must!



jonna said...
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jonna said...

Hi Luke!

Will you be selling the shirts as well? I wanna own one :)


LUKE said...

Hey Jonna. Some teammates will be competing this May in Manila and I always ask them to bring a few to help promote. Working on making them more readily available but shipping right now is crazy expensive so need to find other options. You'll get one though, I promise.

jonna said...

Yay, will wait for it, thanks :)