Tiger Muay Thai's Ray Elbe has more to celebrate than his recent promotion to brown-belt. His absence from Phuket is due to his participation in the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter season 9. Elbe will be lead by head coach Dan Henderson and pitted against the UK team under Michael Bisping. Congratulations to Ray on making the cut. I'm sure we're all interested to see how the new season turns out. -Luke



Anonymous said...

I heard Ray Elbe had a difficult opening round fight and didn't make it into the house.

Elbe trains hard and its too bad he had to face one of the best Welterweight fighters on the show in his first fight. I would have like to have seen Ray and Demarques paired up towards the finals instead of at the beginning.

Ray helped get 2 other fighters from Tiger Muay Thai onto the show as well.

Ritchie Whitson (Team USA) fought for Tiger Muay Thai last year after training with Ray and Alex Reid (Team UK) was a former guest instructor at TMT

Anonymous said...

Sometimes they bring back someone who lost in an opening round if one of the winners gets injured. Hopefully this will be the situation for Ray.