As promised, here are the updated pics of Sebastien (L) and Mark (R). Congratulations guys and thanks for being a good sport Mark with the last pic, haha!
With the return of our instructor Adam Kayoom we now have two newly promoted purple-belts! I present to you Mark 'Vesuvius' Simmerman & Sebastien Desvignes!!! I couldn't be happier for these two and am very lucky to have them as teammates. I'm sure you've seen these guys on the tournament circuit and perhaps been on the receiving end of a few chokes and armbars, I know I have. Great to see the numbers increasing for the scene and this can only mean better things for BJJ in Thailand. -Luke


Benjamin Liu said...

Mark 'Vesuvius' Simmerman & Sebastien Desvignes
Congrations from singapore

Dew said...

Congratulation !
I miss you so much

Dano said...

Congratulations guys!!

2Old said...

Congrats Mark!

You not only have great jiu jitsu, you're a gentleman too, and a sportsman - keep up the good work and thanks for making the tournament available to so many of us last year.

Stop by Ralph Gracie Berkely any time you are in Nor Cal, you'll always be welcome!

Albert said...

Allez Sebastien! Good on you! :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats guys well deserved. Both of you represent Adam Kayoom well.

*BTW*...that black Spider Gi is pretty sweet.

loco said...

Félicitation Sebastien! Tu l'as bien mérité la ceinture!

See you again here in Manila in May or I'll take your offer and I come visit you guys there in Thailand sometime soon!

I really can't wait to watch you compete as a purple!

Congrats again!

To copain de Manille,

Carlos Rosales
Gracie Barra Philippines

Vince Choo said...

Congrats! Keep up the good work and rep the Kayoom!

Scott said...

Well deserved guys, congrats!