Firstly, I want to thank all the women that volunteered their time to answer the questions I posted earlier last week. I'm still open to receive more if you're so inclined but so far the responses have been great. Cool to see how people are unified in some areas while in others some surprising results. While we're all connected by the love/passion for BJJ, the community is made of individuals with varying tastes and temperaments.

Again, I won't be divulging any names but will be using direct quotes from the answers given. I don't claim to know it all when it comes to women in BJJ nor would I expect to cover all the nuances that is any person's jiu-jitsu experience. My aim is to represent a part of the jiu-jitsu community as best I can to spur dialogue and exchange. Once the article is posted, I really encourage all the readers to respond whether you agree or disagree.

Give me some time to filter all of this and I'll give an update on how things are coming along after the weekend.


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did you ever do this article?