If you are any of your buddies have left for Los Angeles, CA and are competing/attending the Pan Ams, SEND ME PICS & RECAP!!!! The Bull Terrier blog already has some pics up.

Keep tabs on Rollapalooza.TV since both Ralph and Carlos are in Cali.
Ralph & Carlos w/ Lucas Leite


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Carlo Pena of Team VPF for winning the bronze medal in his blue belt division. Truly awesome. Vamos Para Frente!!!

Good luck to Ralph Go who's playing on Sunday US time.

-Ali Sulit

Anonymous said...


LUKE said...
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LUKE said...

Lucas Leite beat Kron Gracie 7-4 by passing the guard at the very end of the match to become the Pan Am champ.

I will write a proper shout-out but Scott Calver (Kreation JJ) took gold in his weight at Masters purple-belt and rumor has it, took bronze in the absolute. Scott is an old teammate of ours in Bangkok so we're especially happy for him.

Scott said...

It was a great experience to participate in a tourn this size - the middle weight white and blue adult divisions had over 100 competitors!

My results are correct, only I competed in Senior 2 for us really old guys and not masters. Happy with how it turned out, a real testiment to the quality of the instructors and training partners in SE Asia, but lots to work on before Manila in May.

Antonio Braga Neto who instructed at Evolve in Singapore for 4 months this year, was one of the stars of the show, winning both the black belt super heavyweight and open weight divisions.

Cheers, Scott

Kreation Jiu-Jitsu said...

SCOTT!!! you beast!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Scott!