Thanks to Gareth for the recap and link to Kahnagraphy's flikr account from last weekend's Ming Wu in Taipei, TW. -Luke

recap by: Gareth Griffiths

Huang Guang Ruen defeated Hong Ji Dong in the first round by TKO. Huang controlled the fight and soon got Hong to the mat, where he landed a number of unanswered strikes from the mount, forcing the referee to step in and stop the fight.

17 year old Xu Li Nong defeated Vincent Peng, Peng tapping
due to strikes in the first round. Xu rocked Peng early in the first round, but a bloodied Peng refused to give up and battled back hard, answering the flurries of strikes from Xu with good shots of his own before eventually succumbing.

Liu Jia Peng (Taiwan BJJ) won a decision victory over Zheng Ming Kui. The two battled on the feet and on the ground but, despite an ambitious and intriguing armbar attempt by Zheng in the third round, in the end Liu was the clear winner.

Huang Guan You defeated Mehdi Abdelmoumene in the first round through submission by strikes. Abdelmoumene came in on only one day's notice, and held his own well on his feet. Huang, a powerful wrestler, controlled the fight on the ground after taking Abdelmoumene down with a powerful slam, grinding out a solid victory.

Justin Lee (Taiwan BJJ) scored a decision victory over Zhang Zheng Jie. Lee was a very late replacement, and used his superior ground game very well in controlling the tenacious Zhang. Zhang found himself mounted by Lee a number of times throughout the fight, but refused to succumb to Lee's notorious ground and pound. Zhang managed to land some strikes on the feet in the third round, but it wasn't going to be enough, and in the end Lee was the clear winner.

Demitri Telfair- ground'n'pound
Demitri Telfair (Taiwan BJJ) dominated Tu Hua Chen, forcing the third submission due to strikes of the evening. Telfair took Tu down early in the first, and moved him up against the cage in his corner. From there he landed powerful strikes. Despite a brief attempt at a reversal of fortunes by Tu, Telfair proved too powerful in the end, battering his way to victory.

Lang Hui Di
defeated Wang Yu Lin, Wang being unable to come
out of his corner at the beginning of the second round due to an apparent eye injury. It had been a back-and-forth affair, with the eye injury seemingly taking its toll on Wang towards the end of the first round.

Vladimir "Vova" Gladkov
(Taiwan BJJ) defeated Hisham
Al-Haroun in the final fight of the evening. The first round was a back-and-forth affair, with both fighters landing strikes on the feet and on the ground. In the second round, Gladkov's superior striking shone through, as a right followed by two lefts sent Al-Haroun crashing over backwards to the mat for the evening's only knock out.


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