I wish I could say I made some progress on the article this past weekend but it just didn't work out that way. I will keep at it and post what I can but I don't want to rush this one. I am still getting responses to the questions which is cool and again, thank you to all the ladies for their participation.

Just a few more months until my life turns upside down so I'm a bit panicked on how I'm going to handle being a dad. I forget how much I have on my plate until someone from outside points it out. So while I am hard on myself for not getting more done, I'm pretty safe from being called lazy. Not sure how it is elsewhere but I'm surrounded by a number of newly anointed dads. Here's a thread on the underground forum, 'fatherhood + training'. It's an interesting read and has put some of my worries to rest while springing up some new ones, hahaha.

I also just realized that I missed reporting on the Marianas Open in Guam which took place February 21. Please help keep me posted on events in the Guam area as well. While not a part of SEA geographically, the teams there definitely make an impact on the local scene so I'd like to include them as well.


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