It's a question that I have been asking myself these past few weeks. With no plans for competing just yet, I wonder if I've lost some sense of direction regarding my training. These days I've been more focused on teaching/monitoring but that's not to say I don't benefit from the experience. Having to articulate concepts and techniques to newer students is a fun challenge for me and ultimately a rewarding one at that. It affords me the time to return to the fundamentals, taking a closer look at my own game and its many holes. The best part of the experience is the questions that I get asked by the students on the how/why. Perhaps in the frenzy to prepare ourselves for competition we revert to our 'A' game which for the most part I bet is pretty conservative. Nothing against it but sometimes it can put us in a mode where we look to mask our weaknesses and push to play only our strengths. Even after the tournament is over I still have a week of wanting to tear things up on the mat but that fades away after a week or so. It's too much to keep the energy level where you need it to be for competition.

So what am I doing?

I believe what I am aiming to do right now is open-up and address my shortcomings on the mat. I'm not in competition mode nor am I on cruise-control. I think it's that in between of putting in the time and being focused about technique and where I'm at mentally. Being 'king of the hill' doesn't really interest me right now but I'll roll hard when I have to.

We've got a new year ahead of us and events have already passed. I'm sure this year will bring even more activity and we all have to take a moment and prepare ourselves for what we want to do. Is this another year of back to back competitions? Whatever it is, lets be focused and enjoy what we do.


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