Thanks to Lili from Hong Kong for these pics of her and her younger brother Andrew. There's a story here; Andrew working hard at the family restaurant yet still finding time to train BJJ, making him the badass that he is. Thanks guys! -Luke


Anonymous said...


Just wondering, where could i avail the SEABJJ shirt? i am residing here in the Philippines..


Junior Familia said...

man i still want one...
i only ever seen dan simmler over here w/ it on.

LUKE said...

Hey Guys,

E-mail me yer mailing address and I'll let you know how much shipping is. The shirts are $10 USD but if you buy 5+, I can give a discount of 20%.

We have plenty of sizes M & L but are low on sizes S & XL so get'em while they last.

All payments will be done via paypal.



luke said...

So for those that sent me their mailing address, I replied with the shipping costs via fedex. I checked with regular post and it's the same price, believe it or not.

Thailand has the worst prices when shipping anything overseas. I don't know how businesses handle it. Besides that, the tax to receive anything of value is ridiculous as it seems to be arbitrarily given.

For that I apologize and I totally understand if $45 USD shipping charge seems unreasonable for a $10 USD t-shirt.

Sorry guys- Luke