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It has been quite some time since I sent videos from TheRealGeeza YouTube channel. In fact, there have been more than 100 submission videos uploaded since BJJ-ASIA
last featured a clip from the channel. Therefore, I want to highlight five videos that have been posted recently that are impressive matches to watch – each for a different reason.

1. Michael Russell vs Andy Roberts.

This is a great match because it is an extraordinary display of high level technique. It is easy for a brown belt to do anything he likes to a white belt of the same weight, but it is a rare when a brown belt can make another brown belt look like a beginner. Andy Roberts is an excellent grappler and was promoted to brown belt by Roger Gracie from whom a belt is as difficult to achieve as any Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coach. Therefore, to see Michael do the things he does to Andy highlights just how extraordinary a grappler Russell is. This final match of the Brown belt lightweight division was filmed at the Kent Open and both players reached the finals by submitting all opponents.


Some BJJ instructors give belts following a grading that assesses a player’s technical knowledge, some focus on competition success, some weigh up a combination of the two, and others have unfathomable criteria. Marc Laimon gives belts most readily following a great performance in competition. In this next match, Jerry Shapiro puts on a Blue Belt performance in the finals of his division that earned him a purple belt from Laimon at Grapplers Quest in Las Vegas.


Jumping up before slamming someone to escape a triangle will result in a head-butt; that fact reflects simple mechanics. The referee ruled the head butt in this match an accidental clash of heads, but note that the referee was from the same club as the head-butter. Neil Spiring was totally cool about the incident. Was malice a forethought? Was the referee correct to rule this an accidental clash of heads? Should slamming be allowed in amateur submission grappling tournaments? Harman Degun vs Neil Spiring SAS trials. Finals match under 77kg division.

4. Seetha Udin (yellow belt) vs Chun-Yee

5. This match has one of the more inspired counters to a straight foot lock - the rear naked choke!!

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