NAKSU, Thailand's premiere MMA organization held it's 2nd tournament this past weekend. Below is a report from our friend, Plai, with links to a number of the fights. Thanks to Plai and hope to see more as MMA develops further in Thailand and Southeast Asia. -Luke

report by: Plai

The tournament was pretty packed by competitors and observers alike, to my surprise considering the location of the event. Of noteworthy was that a lot of Muaythai Boran guys showed up, apparently Kru Lek and Kru Prang - the two schools of Muaythai Boran that have been at the center of bitter politics and online wars over the past several years (apparently their students really dislike each other...) brought their students to compete (some people speculate that due to many prominent BJJ guys not competing gave them the confidence to enter the tournament (if you have been following the muaythai boran & martial arts internet forums, you may already know the heated discussion regarding the muaythai boran grappling techniques that are claimed to be just as effective as BJJ, etc...); whether that is the truth or just rumor, we may never know. Another interesting that I personally found rather hillarious, was that the medals they gave to winners were all inscribed with Bhuddist sutras and apparently blessed by some renown monk aswell! I guess they really tried to appeal to the lower market local Muaythai fanbase that they are familiar with (you know? ones that are usally obsessed with gamblings and talismans, etc.).

Anyhow the guys from our group or ones that train with us, that I can remember have mostly done really well, only one lost by decision and he was a muaythai guy with some added grappling skill trained by Amps, went up against a judo and ground specialist

Anyway here are some of the vids I have uploaded
Note: alot of the competitors use internet alias so don't be surprised with weird and silly names!

Under 18 division:

Hut from 3monkeeez vs. PueFuekTon (Muaythai)
http://www.manytv.com/videos/7049-Naksu_2009_Hut_BJJ_vs_1.php - round 1
http://www.manytv.com/videos/7050-Naksu_2009_Hut_BJJ_vs_2.php - round 2

Siladej (Muay Chaiya) vs Avena (MMA)

Adult Divisions:

Last year's champ: SamingVayu (Muay Chaiya) vs Devil Bat (Wrestling)

X-Man (he trained with Amps at 3Monkeeez) vs Yu (Freestyle)
http://www.manytv.com/videos/7083-Naksu_2009_X_Man_vs_1.php - round 1
http://www.manytv.com/videos/7085-Naksu_2009_X_Man_vs_2.php - round 2
http://www.manytv.com/videos/7084-Naksu_2009_X_Man_vs_3.php - round 3

DejChote (Muaythai - also one of Amps' students) vs .... I won't even try to write his name but it means something along the line of: "you won't find another badass like this on Earth"....

Komrit (one of Phil's student I believe, and the last years champ that beat Niti in the first round) vs Thuchgorn (Muaythai with some added grappling techniques)

This one is my fight, I went up against the last years champ (what a lucky draw...) - a muaythai guy who could hit like a rock (he won all his MMA fights by KO in less that a minute) a pretty tough SOB who just didn't know how to tap out or give up. I pretty much drained all my energy trying to break the guy's leg and arm.... Good thing he didn't have much of a ground game so I was able to take the win by ref stoppage.

Plai vs Gamera (round 1)

Plai vs Gamera (round 2)

This one is a match of a local Thai movie star celeb "Tae" who is also a Muay Chaiya star pupil of Kru Lek (he starred in the movie "Chaiya" and appeared in a local muaythai related program on UBC a couple years back, he fought "Yo" a local judoka who competed in SeaGrappling a few years ago.

This one has a farang Muay Chaiya guy competing against a smaller Thai MMA kid who has that "Genki Sudo" vibe in him. I must say this is one of the few entertaining matches to watch

Claude Cazes (MuayChaiya) vs Iron Rat (MMA)
http://www.manytv.com/videos/7057-Naksu_2009_Claude_Cazes_vs_Iron_Rat_MMA_1.php - round 1

http://www.manytv.com/videos/7058-Naksu_2009_Claude_Cazes_vs_Iron_Rat_MMA_2.php - round 2

This one has the best leg-lock attempt of the whole tournament, a classic "Imanari" rolling leg lock, pretty smooth I have to say, too bad this one also ended prematurely due to another shoulder injury!

http://www.manytv.com/videos/7061-Naksu_2009_vs_Cherry_Boy_1.php - round 1
http://www.manytv.com/videos/7062-Naksu_2009_vs_Cherry_Boy_2.php - round 2

This kid competed with a not fully-healed twisted ankle and had to do some extreme weight-cutting in the morning to make the weight class (pretty tough for an amateur level tournament I have to say), he ended up shedding 3 kilos in a couple of hours and still managed to fight and pull out a quick win!

SkyDragon (Vovinam - in blue shorts) vs Hitman (Muay Chaiya)


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