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From the previous post, there are some comments made with translated letters between Mickey Choi &
Myunghoon Choi (no relation to Mickey) HERE. -Luke

***Below is the latest entry on this thread with an update by John Frankl.

Thanks for all the kind words.

And thanks to Peach for the translations/updates. He is right about Mickey backing out. I predicted this from the beginning. He knows he is not legitimate, and he has decided to prove it in a less direct and less painful way.

As far as Peach's comments about Hagan and the legitimacy of Mickey's belt, they need some revision. Both Hagan and Mickey were purple belts in 2007. Mickey then competes at black belt in 2007. Do the math. Also, Hagan says he gave Mickey his black belt due to his performance at the USBJJF tournament. But Mickey competed at that tournament in the black belt division. Do the math.

Basically, Mickey was getting into trouble for all his lies. He wore a black belt that he claimed he got from Telles (look at the 99 in his team name at the USBJJF). Once some people in Korea contacted Telles and heard this was a lie, Mickey quickly got Hagan to throw that video together to save him. Only Hagan, despite his very intelligent appearance, messed up the chronology of Mickey's lies, which is easy to do when multiple lies are in play at the same time.

Additionally, no one is really sure who gave Hagan his belt in the first place. He used to claim Mickey gave it to him! (Holy bait and switch, Batman!). Now it is someone named "Fabio"--with no last name I suppose. So even without the lies above, getting something from Hagan means very little in my opinion.

Anyway, there are other people in Korea taking over this fight. Mickey is afraid to face me, so my direct part is done. Anyone who is the least bit objective knows, despite whatever he says, why Mickey is running away.



Anonymous said...

looks like we shouldn't expect a Frankl beat down of Mickey.

if anybody wants to dojo storm, please make it public: I'm in (even though I'm only a white belt)!

David Hagon said...

I am David Hagon. I never claimed to give Mickey Choi a black belt. Mickey came to a school here in davis, CA to a school i was teaching at to do a seminar. Mickey claimed he was already a black belt under Telles from 99 jiu-jitsu. Im tired of reading all this shit about what I did. I have been training in mixed martial arts for FOURTEEN YEARS. That should speak for it self! If you want to test me E-mail me, at ALLEGIANCEMMA@YMAIL>COM or shut up and leave me out of it!!!

Anonymous said...

but what about the video on mickeys website? what belt are you Dave Hagon and who gave it you you?

Anonymous said...

Fabio De Paula Domingos

lineage on OTM