Just got back to Bangkok yesterday afternoon to find so much has happened this past weekend. 3 separate events taking place here in Southeast Asia. Just a quick recap on each but I'm sure there will be more coming in. -Luke

NEVERTAP ASIA: PHUKET, THThis event was hosted by MMA Phuket, bringing an American event to Asia. 3x 3-minute rounds that would be scored by 3 judges with a focus on the submission and pushing of action. On a personal note, Team Bangkok was able to bring home 4 medals with each team placing in their respective events. A congratulations to all the competitors, the organizers and supporters.

EVOLVE MMA GRAND OPENING + RENZO GRACIE SEMINAR: SINGAPOREOne of the newest MMA schools to open in Singapore, they are the first Renzo Gracie Affiliate of Asia. I've been promised more info on this one but sounds like it was a great way to start the new year. Antonio 'Neto' Braga, Mundial BJJ Champion, has been teaching the jiu-jitsu program for the last month or so.

BEIJING BJJ: CHINAPedro Schmall and the team at Beijing BJJ have been putting together several events for beginners to earn some competition time. They promise for more events and really look to expand the BJJ community in China along with their neighboring schools.

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