While posting may not be so consistent this coming week, I invite all of you to write in with ideas about what you'd like to see on BJJ-ASIA. Perhaps there's an individual that has an interesting story regarding their BJJ journey that the community would benefit from hearing. It may not always have to be the black-belt story that makes for a great story. Anyways, just a thought.

I extend this information through the year, so no pressure, haha.



Anonymous said...

1. Current events.

2. Teacher arrivals, departures.

3. Visitor arrival departures.

4. Significant schedule or program changes at schools.

5. School relocations.

6. New schools.

7. Teach profiles.

8. Personal stories.

luke said...

These are some nice suggestions. Now it's up to the academies to help alert me to these kinds of details. I do my best to surf the academy sites here and there but I don't usually have the time to do this too often. Thanks -Luke