Here's a new event focused on the beginners in BJJ at both white and blue-belt levels in Shanghai, China. -Luke

08th/Mar/2009 (Sunday) from 14:00~

Comps: BJJ/Grappling/Kick Boxing/MMA (No ground strikings)
Rules: Modified IBJJF rule, this competition is designed for beginners. So the referee (has all the rights in the rules) might stop matches if he/she feels dangerous to continue.

Venue: 上海 茂名南路 2F Kung Fu room - (Walk from Garden hotel "花園飯店" to "延安西路" direction for about 7 min.) Map : http://www.ddmap.com/map/21/point-376125-%C1%FA%CE%E4-%D3%E9%C0%D6%D0%DD%CF%D0.htm

Fees: RMB20.00

* Competitors mostly will be white and blue belts.

Organisers: BJJ Team Shanghai/Mushaku BJJ/Shengyi BJJ/Sojyau BJJ (Team 上海/Team 無錫/Team 常熱/Team 蘇州)

Inquiries: ken.kojima@hellermanntyton.com.cn

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