I've overdone it again and have crippled myself by hitting the mats hard this week after being away on business. It's a good sore mind you but its also making me feel my age, haha. Since November of last year it's been a constant in/out for me with too many breaks in training. First it was Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, work work work and now Chinese New Years! So happy CNY everyone!

Posts may be a little spotty next week since I will be away, again, but will use the time to write a few pieces. One topic that I've been meaning to tackle is the 'bjj federation'. Just this past year both the Philippines and China have formed new federations looking to connect, support and represent the larger community. For good and bad, I think it's worth taking some time to see what it actually means to us, the practitioners.

On a local note, I thought I'd share a recent development in Bangkok where all schools are coming together for a collective team-training. There are four major BJJ schools in the greater Bangkok area which include: Bangkok BJJ, EMAC, 3 Monkeeez and Bangkok Fight Club. Starting this February 2nd, all four teams will come together at a single location to train, exchange and get acquainted with each other. We will do this for the next four months, the first Monday of each month.

February 2nd @ Bangkok BJJ, 6:30pm (Gi)
March 2nd @ EMAC
April 6th @ 3 Monkeeez, 6:30pm (No-Gi)
May 4th @ Bangkok Fight Club

All other locations, other than the one scheduled for that evening will be closed on that particular date. It's something we think is worth trying to help everyone grow.


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