Just got in to Tokyo last night and will be in town for just a couple of days. Well, that's if things in Bangkok settle by this Friday. Not sure what time I will have to train while here but I did bring my gi just in case. Thank goodness it's not nearly as cold here as it was in DC.

I want to thank everyone for their comments regarding the recent interview with me about the SEA scene. Always wish I could do more but it's already a great opportunity to share what's going on here. I'm sure we will see a growing interest from abroad this coming year.

Another quick note, a new school as opened in Beijing, China called MMA Beijing. Check it out in the links section. They brought a number of competitors to Pedro Schmall & Beijing BJJ's tournament this past fall. They are planning to hold another such tournament this January 17th. More info on that to come.

Take care everyone and wish me luck on getting back home, haha. -Luke

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