January 17th, 2009 will be the Nevertap Submission Grappling Tournament held at the Tiger Muay Thai training facility in Phuket Thailand. This event will be hosted by MMA Phuket.

For those of you unfamiliar with Nevertap, this is the same Nevertap tournament that has witnessed several of the top Submission Wrestlers from the USA competing. Previous Nevertap competitors include Marc Laimon, Nick Diaz, Mac Danzig, Joe "Big Daddy" Stevenson, Tyrone Glover, Bill Cooper, and countless others.


Rather than having matches "Scored" similar to a traditional BJJ tournament matches are "judged" by a panel of qualified judges.
Matches start from the standing position and are held inside of a matted MMA ring or competition style mma cage. Participants are encouraged to compete for the submission and are penalized for stalling strategies. Matches will consist of 3 rounds of 3 minutes, with a submission signifying the end of the match.
Tournament is double elimination, guaranteeing every participant a minimum of two matches.
*This means you will not travel only to the tournament only to get a tough first round match and sit as a spectator the rest of the day*

Tournament pricing includes a free Nevertap t-shirt to everyone attending the post event BBQ. As an added bonus, every Nevertap match will be video recorded and uploaded on Youtube allowing participants the opportunity to evaluate their performance and set new goals for their next competition.
MMA Phuket has sponsored the Nevertap event and is offering a special discounted competition fee available to guest training or vacationing at the Tiger Muay Thai facility before Monday January 12th, 2009.
Use the grappling tournament travel opportunity to cross train your submission grappling with World Class Muay Thai instructors and Veteran MMA Fighters.

Nevertap Competition Registration Fee is 1,750 baht (1,500 baht for TMT Guests) BBQ Additional 350 baht

The best thing about competing is the opportunity to meet new friends from around the world. In the spirit of good sportsmanship and athletic competition Tiger Muay Thai will be hosting an after tournament event BBQ.NEVERTAP participants are encouraged to stick around after the competition to enjoy a night of ALL YOU CAN EAT BBQ, recreational drinking, Karaoke, and several exhibition MMA, Muay Thai, and Boxing matches.

The cost of the BBQ is 350 baht, which includes admission for the smoker fights, and a free event T-shirt.

Wanna Fight Compete in a MMA Exhibition Bouts?
We are currently matchmaking for the MMA fights. If you are interested in competing inside a real MMA Cage imported from the USA send us your martial arts background, weight, and experience level. If you have any videos of you competing in grappling, boxing, muay thai, MMA, or any other combative sport please include links to those as well. We are actively looking to promote several fairly matched opponents. Any who participates in the MMA Exhibition Bouts will recieve free admission to the BBQ and their Nevertap tournament registration fee will be sponsored. (meaning you don't have to pay!!!) All MMA Bouts will be video recorded and edited for Youtube.

Check out some of the previous MMA Fights

How Can I register for this Event?
Registration can be done online. http://www.nevertap.asia/registration/

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