I just finished listening to the FIGHTWORKS PODCAST, episode #145 with Saulo Ribeiro talking about his new book + a little interview with yours truly. Listening back to my answers, I know that I wasn't able to cover each area but thought it was a decent introduction to the scene. It's made me want to return to recording the beginnings of BJJ each location and the people involved. I have a few back-stories already posted on the blog but it may be a new project to pursue in the near future to cover all of them.

Tomorrow I leave for Tokyo, just two days after the Asia Championships but not feeling too bad considering my friends in Bangkok who were planning on competing were forced to cancel their trip due to ongoing protests in Thailand. While it continues to be a very safe place to be (Bangkok), the country and it's economy have taken a beating because of these political conflicts. Let's hope things are resolved soon for everyone's sake.



Gully said...

hey luke, great interview. Very lucid commentary on the SEA scene. accurate explanations of the economic realities, country-specific martial arts, and active participation going on here in asia.

..and of course, we loved the numerous mentions of Philippines. :) hahaha! hope to roll with you guys again soon in BKK.

are you gonna be part of the Podcasts' blog of the year?

LUKE said...

Thanks, I wish I could have shared more but that's how it goes. Hope to be nominated for the blog of the year but not to concerned whether I win. Thanks for the support.